Happy Clients

“A breath of fresh air – it was good to see a smile and hear a chuckle or two as I shared my experiences. Often when wading chest deep in my own stuff, humour gives a great lift and different perspective, which helps me process better.” Anne

“I was blown away by how effective my life coaching experience was with Lynne. I came into the session with one goal which I felt was going to be impossible to achieve and after just 2 sessions Lynne helped me realise concrete results that have changed my life forever! She is genuinely warm, intuitive, and a great listener. She really got where I was coming from right off the bat, and with such ease, which is extremely difficult to do in the first 20 minutes of meeting someone. Her compassion and sincerity is combined with a clear head and objective approach. Her time management skills and ability to stay true to the session goal is accomplished with an outstanding expertise, while still being caring. This is a feat which I have never before experienced. As soon as my financial situation has improved I will definitely be signing up again for a longer time period. Thank you Lynne! “
Karen Johnson

“I cannot believe what a difference TRE and QEC has made – especially after so many years of therapy. I would recommend this to anyone.” Katia

“The opportunity to talk to Lynne was an all-round positive experience, not once did I feel that my opinion, concerns or point of view were taken lightly, her ability to uplift me or get me to interrogate my own thoughts and ultimately  understand the reasons for my concerns was remarkable, this understanding allowed me to in many cases find my own solutions to my problems.  She has also given me the strength to be ‘True to Me’ which I realised I was not being.” Alison

“I initially considered life coaching while going through a second depression.  I knew I needed therapy as a complement to medication but didn’t feel like spending time and money discussing and analysing my past.  I needed to look ahead and was hoping for fast results.  When I discussed life coaching with my doctor, he recommended Lynne.

Lynne and her life coaching have been the light at the end of the long tunnel of my depression, guiding me out of it, step by step, for which I will eternally be grateful.

Lynne’s life coaching services offered the structure and organisation I needed to feel I was in the good hands of a professional who knows what they’re doing, at the same time allowing enough flexibility that I felt I was in charge of my progress, could work on what was more important to me and at my own pace.

She has helped me make improvements in all the different areas of my life and by doing so gave me a greater sense of control, celebrating with me all the small and big victories along the way.

Through discussions, personality tests and exercises, I have come to know myself better.  By helping me identify the strengths related to what I thought were my limitations, I have come to perceive myself differently and better accept myself.

Lynne has also been wonderful at helping me see certain situations in a different way and I believe I now generally have a more positive outlook. She’s encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and as a result I gain more confidence in my abilities.

She’s guided me through big scary life changing decisions so that I could be confident with my choices.

Thanks to Lynne, I feel that no matter what life throws at me in the future, I’ll be better equipped to face it.  Life coaching with Lynne has helped me become stronger.

Anyone can benefit from meeting with Lynne because anyone can benefit from taking an hour in their busy life to assess with a highly competent life coach where they are in their life, where they want to go and how to best get there.” Valerie

“During my eight months with Lynne I have come to know and understand myself better – what motivates me, what challenges me and what areas of my life I am least content with. Lynne has a very inviting style which encourages you to explore more about what you think, feel and do; and the motives which underlie these thoughts, feelings and actions. I initially approached Lynne to assist me to navigate a difficult transition which affected both my work and personal life. I can honestly say that solutions which were explored during these sessions enabled me to optimise this time as a learning opportunity. I realise now that coaching gave me the gift not only of a greater appreciation for who I am at my core….but also a greater sensitivity towards what I need in order to continue to make a meaningful contribution to the causes which I am passionate about.”  Michelle

“Working with Lynne over the past eight months has been extremely valuable and useful to me as an individual and as a manager and leader. Through our conversations, I have developed a much deeper understanding of who I am and have developed a greater acceptance of the person I am. At the same time, she has helped me formulate ways to improve in areas where I need to, to become a better leader for my own team. She has helped me to see challenging situations for what they are and to find ways to cope with them and improve the situation for my life. I have really found our sessions hugely valuable.” Kerryn