Life Coaching

Life coaching is partnering with you, the client, in a process that will inspire you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

As your coaching partner, I use a variety of methodologies to develop a customized approach that is tailored specifically to your unique situation.

I predominantly use the philosophy of the Solution-Focused Brief Approach which facilitates change and improvement by focusing on your preferred future rather than analysing problems and difficulties. My role is to raise your awareness and self-knowledge, identify your strengths and resources, amplify what is already working in your life, assist you to see things differently and help you develop new approaches. I respect that you alone are the expert on your life and circumstances, and together we will focus on the practical steps that will help you achieve your preferred future.

Included in my services is Quantum Energy Coaching which uses the understanding of quantum physics to assist clients to install new positive and affirming beliefs at the subconscious level.

I use the Enneagram, Jung Typology, Transpersonal Numerology, and the Akashic Records to assist with self-understanding and strength identification. I believe that when we discover and reveal our true selves we begin to bring purpose and meaning to our lives.

In this world of increasing demands with decreasing connection and support, the benefits of a coaching relationship are becoming more valuable.

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