Do you Battle to Say No

Since turning 50 I have got progressively better at standing up for my values and saying ‘no’ to activities and gatherings that I no longer want to be part of. What I have not got good at though, is saying ‘no’ without feeling guilty, nasty and selfish. What I need to improve on is the ability to simply smile and say ‘no’ without explaining myself.
Maybe that will happen when I turn 60.

I do realise that there are certain things that we still need to do even though we do not always want to (like cooking an evening meal for my not always appreciative family) but unfortunately life is not perfect.

This article written by Neil Patel talks about ‘no’ being a power move, an opportunity-enhancer, a limit-setter and an overall good idea. Saying ‘no’ can improve your power as an entrepreneur, giving you more potential and more of what you need.