Simplifying your Life

I have just returned from a 10 day break in the Northern Namibian desert. In six days we saw virtually no-one and it was blissfully quiet. We had no cell phone reception, no internet, 60 litres of water for five days for three of us, no toilets, no showers, very thin mattresses, and lots and lots of dust and sand.

Our days were slow and simple – free from the complications and time pressures of our modern lifestyle.

In his blog on “The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in your Life” Joshua Becker gives some tips about simplifying our lives – something I am trying to put into practice in my life.

I would not like to live the lifestyle of the Himba people, a tribe of pastoralists who depend on their cows to live, and who survive in the inhospitable desert area. I do think, however, that we could learn many lessons from them on living as a community, preserving resources, slowing down our days, face to face human communication and our connection with Mother Earth.

If you are feeling that your life is a little bit out of control what is the first step you can take to simplify your life?