Donald and BoJo – A Numerological Comparison

I am sharing the numerological comparison of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson written by Richard Higgins with his permission.

Richard developed Transpersonal Numerology which is a unique personal and spiritual growth tool based on a person’s birth date. It is relatively simple to learn and apply, yet is very insightful. Please see details of his workshops at the end of the description. Also please contact me or Richard if you are interested in exploring your chart.

” The recent election of Boris Johnson as British Prime Minister has provoked comment and editorials expounding on his similarities to American President Donald Trump.
So how alike are they actually?
I go straight to my Transpersonal Numerology for an analysis of both their individual and combined charts, which I’d like to share with you briefly.  
Alexander (Boris) Johnson was born on 19th June 1964.  
Adding together the 1 and 9 in his day of birth would give us a 10, needing a further reduction by adding the 1 and 0 to give us a 1.  I call this the Self Number. It is the most obvious part of a person’s personality, the “cover of their book” if you like.
The personality is a natural leader, exemplified by King Arthur and his famous sword Excalibur. He is the benevolent knight in shining armour, coming to the rescue of those in need astride his trusty steed – or in Boris’s case, on his bicycle!

Boris has shown his leadership abilities from back in his student days as President of the Oxford Union; then by being a Member of Parliament; later the Mayor of London; and now British PM. The 1 personality loves being in charge, so Mr Johnson will certainly be in his element at the moment.
Donald Trump’s date of birth is 14th June 1946.  
Adding together the 1 and 4 from Trump’s day of birth gives him a 5 as the Self Number. Donald John Trump is certainly typical of the 5 personality. They are outgoing, progressive, nonconformists who lean very easily towards being rebels like Che Guevara and Freddie Mercury. People often love them for that rebelliousness as they give the “finger” to the establishment, which the average person can’t afford to do for fear of losing their job or landing up in prison.

A  Lot of Air 
Both the 1 and the 5 vibrations are associated with the element of Air, and their outrageousness is often in what comes out of their mouths – as in hot air! So these personality types can be quite comfortable standing on a podium, spouting forth to the masses – often with a good deal of humour. Air personalities are often effective debaters, and while the 5 is more spontaneous, highly capable of saying things “of the cuff” and sometimes offending people, the 1 is a little more concerned about what people think of him, and therefore slightly more cautious – but no less outspoken. And even when they have “put their foot in it”, Air personalities find it very hard to apologise – which is why others can perceive them as being arrogant.
A  Windy Affair
Another trait which is fairly obvious with both these leaders is that, like the wind, they can change direction – and their opinions – at a moments notice. The 5 is a great synthesiser of ideas from others, which can be put to good effect, as did another famous 5 – Albert Einstein – but it also makes them potentially more vulnerable to being influenced by the views of others. This we have seen with Trump, who has obviously been swayed by listening to others. How else would an obnoxious war hawk like John Bolton have landed up in his cabinet? A on the other hand tends to think his ideas are usually the best, and so oscillates less – as we see with Johnson’s stand on Brexit.
And perhaps being Air personalities is what is behind their unpredictable hairdos!  
Combining Charts
In order to analyse a combined chart between two people, we simple add the numbers in the corresponding positions together – in this case a 1 and a 5, to create a 6. The vibration of 6 is associated with love, family and friendship. So the editorials which allude to the relationship between Johnson and Trump as being a “love affair” are not far off the mark! As a 1 myself, I know that many of my most important and influential friendships have been with 5s. So I’m pretty sure Donald and Boris are good buddies!
In the Joyous Month of June
And while on the subject of 6 – both of these men were born in the month of June, which gives them each a 6 in what I call the Intimate Position in a chart. The month number describes our relationship with our family and close friends. And the vibration 6, itself, is associated with love, family, friendship and generosity. So it is an ideal number to have in this position. This tells us that these men’s love for their children, wives and close friends is quite genuine – as is their penchant for seeking a little extra love outside of their marriages. Both men are twice divorced with plenty of controversy surrounding them when it comes to affairs, and in Boris’ case, children out of wedlock.
  I’d love to be a fly on the wall when these two men are alone and they start comparing notes in what Trump likes to refer to as merely “locker room talk”.
And talk, these two will certainly be able to do when they are in each other’s company. They both have 6 in the family/friendship position, which we add together to get a 12, which then further reduces to a 3. This is the dynamic Fire vibration, which lends itself to warm, vibrant conversation. So these two friends could literally talk through the night together. But on its shadow side, the 3 is also a militant, confrontational vibration – so these gents will not always agree, and it is bound to get quite heated at times.
Career/Social Number
The similarities between Boris and Donald continue as we look at their birth years. Trump was born in 1946 and Johnson in 1964 – both years reduce to a 2. The year number is associated with a person’s career and social expression. Some of the traits of the 2 vibration are being caring, diplomatic, co-operative and open to partnership. Both of these men have exhibited this, which is why you find them to be popular with many individuals who have met them face to face. Trump claims to be a good negotiator and often states he doesn’t want to fight with anyone. He has carried this through in the early stages of his presidency by meeting with leaders such as Putin and Kim Jong-un. This is congruent with the 2 energy which is very much about “win/win” and is conflict averse. Of course, his well-meaning 2 has a hard time keeping his feisty 5 in check with statements like telling a certain Congresswoman to “Go back to where you come from!”
The 2, which is associated with the element of Water, in this Social/Career position is actually better suited to “softer” careers such as social work and counselling. Many men with a 2 in this position find it difficult to function in the highly competitive world of business and politics, so they flip to the shadow vibration, which is the 7. The 7 is associated with the element of Fire. It is the opposite of the “go-with-the-flow” 2 in that it is focused, ambitious and individualistic. The 7 vibration can even be cold and vindictive, and is the flip side of these men’s social personalities that their opponents will certainly have encountered.
And 2 plus 2 is 4
Once again adding together the two 2s in the Social/Career position, we will get a combined 4. The number 4 is associated with honesty, reliability, dedication, responsibility and integrity. What this means is that there will automatically be a bond of trust between these two men. However, the flip side of the conservative 4 vibration is the theatrical trait, so don’t be surprised if you see some drama playing out in public between the two of them – it will only be for show and entertainment – something to which neither of these strong ego personalities is totally averse.
There’s obviously much more one can say about the charts of these two larger-than-life characters. If you would like to learn how to analyse someone’s birth chart, whether in support of your career, or for personal insights and enjoyment, come along to my Transpersonal Numerology Workshop. See details below.”
Transpersonal Numerology is a unique personal and spiritual growth tool based on a person’s birth date which is now used by scores of life coaches, tutors, psychologists, therapists and spiritual seekers. It is relatively simple to learn and apply, yet is remarkably insightful.

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